Sabio has been making storage products since 2005. We make both network storage and desktop storage. Our multi-drive desktop storage products incorporate hardware RAID controllers to provide industry-leading performance for products in its class and are designed to be compatible with both PCs and Macs with ports like eSATA, FW400/800 and USB. Our network storage products are designed to provide high performance, and contain all the latest features that IT experts would appreciate. At the same time the products are designed to be extremely easy to use. If you can set up and configure a wireless router for a home network, you will have no difficulty with our network storage units.


Iowa Pilot Cars offers certified pilot cars and drivers as escorts for oversize loads throughout the United States. Certified in 48 states, we provide pilot car needs from high pole, multi-car, and front car and rear car escort, as well as steering CDL certified and route survey.


Documents and Design offers services that help make sure your products are made "right". We can see if your product is safe, if it works well, and if instructions are user-friendly and easy to understand. This reduces returns and stops calls from your customers. From small start-up companies to Fortune 500 corporations with global operations, we help them all. We can work with your team. If you don’t have a team, we can BE your team!


All Business Rental (ABR) rents everything from notebooks, netbooks, desktops, LCD monitors, TVs, cameras, scanners, printers, and MP3 players. We specialize in political campaigns, disaster relief efforts, and temporary workforces, offering rental periods from one day to one year. ABR assists with Value Recovery Services, LLC.


Value Recovery Services (VRS) brings in used consumer electronics and develops them into new products. The process we use is to screen, test, repair, and monetize. This process is timely and always environmentally friendly. We offer options in the monetization of excess or returns so you choose impact level on current products in the market. We do this all from a central location, in South Sioux City, Nebraska.


Alchemy Transcription is the world’s only transcription company exclusively using licensed health care professionals for all transcription. All of our transcriptionists are Registered Nurses (RNs) and as a result, we do not just transcribe – we comprehend. This allows us to provide our clients with a number of unique capabilities and the quality of our work is second to none. We realize that our work directly impacts the ability of doctors to serve their patients and, ultimately, patient welfare. We are “proud to be an extension of your health-care team.”


Dakota PC Warehouse is a high-value outlet for PCs and consumer electronics. We carry major product lines such as Vizio, LG, Samung, Gateway, Acer, HP, Asus, Apple, Canon, and Samsung. Products include TVs, computers, cameras, and related accessories. We offer world-class computer and TV repair service, both in-store and onsite. Dakota PC Warehouse has locations in Sioux City, IA, South Sioux City, NE, and Vermillion and North Sioux City, SD.